Saturday, December 15, 2018

Savor The Season

The holiday season can feel more like the season of stress and long lines than "the most wonderful time of the year." Want to make a change for 2018? There’s a helpful technique you can use to maximize your joy this holiday season — it’s called savoring.

Savoring is deliberately enhancing and prolonging your positive moods, experiences, and emotions. You’ve probably done it before. Perhaps you closed your eyes to help you appreciate a moving symphony performance; or stared in awe at your infant’s smile, trying to make sure you remembered every aspect of that moment.

Consciously savoring the good things in life is important, because neuroscience research suggests that our brains have a negativity bias. Negative things tend to stand out in our minds, while positive things tend to be easily dismissed or forgotten.

One strategy is to simply bask in positive experiences when they come along. Much like the practice of mindfulness, this type of savoring involves being present in the current moment and aware of sensory information. But unlike mindfulness, which emphasizes detached observation, in-the-moment savoring involves actively seeking out and soaking in the positive emotions.

This comes more easily when you set your intentions ahead of time regarding where, when, and what you’re going to savor. For instance, if you plan to savor your family holiday dinner, you might notice more of the little quirks that you love about your relatives, feel more grateful for your time together, and be less perturbed by a snide comment or a dry turkey.

Whatever the occasion, remember to take in the enjoyable sensations: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Focus on the emotional and relational aspects of the experience and hold on to them for as long as you can.

All new habits take some practice, so don’t be frustrated if you forget to fully notice a moment or if you don’t feel positive results right away. With time and practice, these savoring strategies will help bring joy to your world and a happy new year.

Stay Active, Savor Holiday Happy Moments and
Enjoy Your Food

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