Friday, November 23, 2018

Symptoms of Stress

Most of us agree that stress has a physical affect on our bodies. What are some of the ways our bodies react to stress? Becoming aware of some symptoms could help you know when you need to implement tools to make changes to a hectic lifestyle, especially during this holiday season.

Your ears become super sensitive
Stress-related exhaustion can cause sounds to bother you a lot more than normal. Even a standard-level conversation can grate on your nerves.
To Try: noise-canceling headphones or soothing nature sounds.

Your memory takes a hit
Chronic stress weakens brain synapses, reducing the ability to form memories. Researchers found stressed animals that exercised had the same synapse function as those that were stress-free.
To Try: keep up with a regular workout, especially when you are extra busy.

You gain weight
Several studies have linked stress to a larger waist and BMI. Stress hormones trigger your body to store more fat, and tension can make you eat more sugary, fatty foods for comfort.
To Try: During tense times, avoid using food as comfort and go for a walk. Walking can relieve stress and bump up your metabolism.

Your stomach is messed up
Anxiety can be as bad for your digestive system as bingeing on junk food. Stressed animals had gut bacteria that looked like they'd been eating a high-fat diet.
To Try: Probiotics. Not only do they add good bacteria to your colon, studies have shown that eating foods with probiotics can help prevent stressful habits, like rumination. 

Find quiet, keep walking or try a probiotic to help reduce stress this holiday season.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food

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