Saturday, April 14, 2018

Live Long, Live Strong

For those of us who are regular exercisers, one of our goals is to stay healthy through aging and live quality years throughout our lives. We all want our loved ones to share the golden years with us. We know we cannot make people do what they do not want to do, but we can try some motivation. One motivation tool can be new information. Check out these exercise facts and share them with someone you love today.

Exercise and DNA

Telomeres are caps at the end of chromosomes that protect our genetic data; they are similar to the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace that keeps it from unraveling. In the same vein, telomeres prevent the strands in chromosomes from unraveling. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter. When they get too short, the cells no longer divide and eventually die. This shortening is related to aging and a higher risk of death. Exercise has been associated with longer telomeres. 

Exercise and Quality of Life

Physical inactivity causes the loss of muscle tissue, which means we lose strength. The good news is that we can build lean muscle tissue at any age. Getting stronger requires strength-building exercise. Increased strength may not mean we necessarily live long, but most likely will increase our chances of living independently, by reducing the risk of falls and fractures.

Exercise and Disease

Regular movement has been shown to delay or prevent chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure; improve mental health and even delay dementia and cognitive decline. Four of the 5 most costly chronic conditions can be prevented or managed with physical activity. Consistent physical activity can result in quality years as we age instead of years of physical disability.

Your fitness activities could be the spark that
motivates your loved one to introduce movement into their life.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food

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