Friday, February 16, 2018

Work Well

Your office space can impact your health in more ways than you know. Use these tips to work smarter and feel better at the end of the day.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting is greener but it can damage your skin. One study found that tiny cracks in CFL coatings allow the bulbs to emit UVC rays, which can damage epidermal cells at close range. In other words. overhead fluorescents are OK, but rethink your desk lamp. Choose LED for your personal space.

Lack of Privacy
Open floor plans are meant to encourage collaboration but they also generate a steady hum of chatter, pings and clacks that can be a significant distraction. Every time you're disturbed you must not only let go of the distraction but then reconnect with the original subject of your attention. This process adds extra stress to your day. See if you can expense some noise-cancelling headphones. In-ear design can drown out the din without making you seem unapproachable.

The Kitchen
Researchers found that a sick employee with likely contaminate the fridge door, microwave and coffeepot within two hours at work. Ugh! Hand sanitizers are OK but they are not as effective as soap and water. When you wash, take 20 - 30 solid seconds to jar all those germs loose.

We know that incorrect ergonomic posture at your desk can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. But slouching also slows digestion and circulation. Even your mental state can be compromised. A recent study found that those who slouch at their desks had more negative thoughts than those who sat up straight. Check yourself at work - is your butt at the back of the chair? Feet on the floor? Can you type without changing your posture? Try a lumbar support pillow or footstool if you need to make adjustments.

Take some time today to evaluate your office environment. 
Small changes can yield big dividends for your health.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food

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