Friday, December 1, 2017

Seven Minute Travel Workout

Tis the season for travel and visiting. You can maintain your fitness while traveling this holiday season with a little ingenuity and a dose of discipline. The 7 Minute Workout below includes cardio, isometric strength, dynamic strength and agility all in one quick package.

Use the props available to you in your hotel room, gym or relative's house/yard. Pick out your wall spot and have the chair/bench and mat set up ahead of time so you can move quickly from one set to the next. Shoes can be optional, if you are crunched for space in your luggage.

Set a timer on your phone to buzz every 30 seconds. Try this Tabata App. Warm up with dynamic moves, then immediately move to the next exercise without any rest. Ideally, you will go through the set twice with a 60 - 90 second recovery in between. I think the moves are all pretty self-explanatory. Here is a clarification for the one that might be unfamiliar to some. 

Push up to Rotation: Start in plank position, do a push up, then reach hand toward ceiling, rotating body to face sideways, like a side plank. Immediately return to pushup, rotate and reach opposite hand to ceiling.

7 minute workout
30 seconds each move
Jumping Jacks
Wall Sit
Step up onto chair, alternating leg

Tricep dip on chair 

High Knees in place 

Alternating Forward Lunge
Pushup and Rotation 

Side Plank on forearm
Side Plank, other Side
Repeat, if possible 


Maintain your fitness level and feel good while you are traveling this holiday season.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food  

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