Friday, December 8, 2017

Make Every Kitchen Moment Count

During the holidays, busy lives and from-scratch cooking can seem hopelessly at odds. They don't have to be. Try these strategies for keeping your healthy eating on track during the busy holiday (or any-day) season.

Instead of prepping all weekend, make the most of whatever kitchen time you get. While the family is eating breakfast, saute onions or chop fajita vegetables for dinner. While the dinner pasta water is coming to a boil, prep overnight oatmeal for the next morning. During dinner clean-up, hard-boil eggs to stow in the frig for lunches.

Grill chicken, do some Asian bowls that night and use it the next night in a big chop salad. Roast butternut squash, serve half as a side one night, use the other half for a pasta dish the next. Grill flank steak for dinner one night, make up burritos for lunches the next day.

Marketing with a menu plan and prepared list is a winning way to save money and focus on whole foods. Extend your success by carving out time to prep veggies as soon as you unload the bags. I immediately wash all my produce in a water and vinegar solution. After rinsing, I slice carrots,  peppers and celery. I bag grape tomatoes and green grapes in small bags ready to take for lunches. Strawberries and blueberries are clean and ready in small bowls in the frig to top morning cereal. If the lovely fruit and vegetables you buy are not ready to eat, the family will probably leave them to spoil until next week's market run.

Plan and prep each week to make sure you and your family 
eat as healthy as possible and avoid the temptation of frozen pizza!

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food

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