Friday, July 14, 2017

Sugar is the Secret! Part 2

Last week, I began a series on stabilizing blood sugar. The latest research shows that blood sugar is a primary determinate of your health and can be the key to staying healthy, energized and slim. Look back at last week's post for the biological explanation of how it all works. Today I share more tips on how to keep your blood sugar stable.

#3 Don't snack before your workout
When you exercise, your muscles take glucose out of your bloodstream for fuel. When you've used up available blood sugar, your body burns belly fat for fuel. But if you eat too much before your workout, your body never needs to burn that fat.

If it's been more than four hours since your last meal and you plan to exercise for more than 50 minutes, have a 200-calorie snack 30 - 60 minutes beforehand. Otherwise, skip the snack and your body will use fat for fuel instead of glucose.

#4 Combine cardio and strength
Instead of focusing on weights one day and cardio the next, do a half hour of each at every gym session. Aerobic exercise boosts your cells' energy-burning ability and torches fat. Strength training builds glucose-utilizing muscle. Combining both cardio and strength can lower your odds of developing diabetes by almost 60%.

#5 Get moving after lunch
If you eat and then sit, which basically describes our modern lifestyle, the sugar from your meal builds up. If you do something active, your cells will use that glucose for fuel, so your blood sugar level stays steadier. Wait 30 minutes after finishing your meal to give the food enough time to break down into sugar, then take a walk or do some lunges and squats. Spending 15 active minutes can reduce blood sugar spikes and keep levels lower for 24 hours.

Check in next week for more tips to keep blood sugar steady and healthy.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food

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