Friday, June 30, 2017

Be Stronger, Live Longer

You can control how young you look and feel by tapping into your cell's power sources. Telomeres, tiny protein sheaths on the ends of your chromosomes, help keep your DNA in prime condition. Our 21st century lifestyle can cause our telomeres to deteriorate. Make these small changes to strengthen these DNA safety caps.

Exercise increases levels of telomerase, making telomeres longer and healthier. Switch up your activity. People who participated in two, three or four types of movement were less likely to have short telomeres compared to those who did none. Different forms of exercise will have the biggest impact on telomere length.

Meditative yoga practice can increase activity of telomerase by 43%. This enzyme lengthens telomeres. Find a type of exercise that reduces chronic stress to prevent deterioration of your telomeres.

Move all day to lengthen telomeres. Biologically speaking, a person who sits more than 10 hours a day is considered eight years older than someone who moves every hour. Take your phone calls standing up, go for short walk every hour, get up and do a few stretches. Each hour you move reduces your risk of short telomeres by 7%.

Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber help fight inflammation. Chronic inflammation makes your cells divide faster, wearing down telomeres. Your body converts omega-3s into hormones that moderate inflammation. Fiber prevents the insulin spikes that fuel inflammation. In addition, vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables protect cells from oxidative damage which can shorten telomeres. 

Keep your telomeres durable and resilient to ensure you stay healthy for a lifetime.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food

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