Friday, February 10, 2017

Enjoy Your Lunch

I almost always end my blog with the phrase "enjoy your food". As John, my husband, was indulging in a large portion of "splurge" foods, he said, "I'm just doing what you said. Enjoying my food!.  I thought maybe I should be more clear on what I mean by enjoy your food.

The idea is to choose healthy foods that give you pleasure and enjoy them in moderate portions. So, for example, if you despise carrots, you would not choose carrots and hummus as your mid-afternoon snack. You could slice a cucumber instead and then you would enjoy your mid-afternoon healthy snack in a moderate portion.

Another example of enjoying your food would be to include a "treat" food in your entire day or entire week of meals. When you sit down to eat your splurge, you enjoy each bite without feeling guilty or worrying about each calorie. Your conscious choice is part of your healthy lifestyle plan.

Enjoy Your Lunch - Here are a couple of healthy lunchtime choices.

Lunchtime sandwiches can have hidden calories and sodium. 
*Choose deli meats that are sliced from the whole turkey or ham rather than the processed meats found in the refrigerator case. Ask for low-sodium meats.

*Swap mayo for smashed avocado or white beans to add healthy fats and fiber to your lunch.

*Include lots of lettuce, tomato, red onion or other veggies.

*Choose bread with "whole wheat flour" as the first ingredient. Take note of the hidden grams of sugar and sodium in bread, too.

Granny Smith apples may be your best lunchtime choice. Scientists found that this variety contained the highest amount of non-digestible compounds, including fiber and antioxidant polyphenols, that promote growth of "good" gut bacteria. These bacteria may help decrease inflammation and prevent obesity. Add an apple to your lunch this week.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Healthy Food in Moderate Portions

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