Friday, January 13, 2017

Resolve To Move!

This year resolve to move your body everyday. Moderation is the goal here. Intense exercise everyday won't do your body any favors but couching it for your two rest days a week will sabotage all your hard work.

Rest tired muscles
Devote two or three alternate days a week to intense training. The following day, plan to rest the muscles that worked the hardest. For example, if you pushed yourself to crank out an extra set of push-ups one day, the next day work your legs with an uphill hike.

Recoup on the go
Low-intensity exercise can help your body repair itself, thanks to increased blood flow to damaged muscles. Your alternate day can be a restorative yoga routine, a slow 30 minute bike ride or a low-intensity swim.

Say "Yes" to something new
You need consistency in your workout routine but try switching it up at least one day a week with a random act of fitness fun. Work on your tennis rally with a friend. Sign up for an intramural sport. Hike somewhere new. Stave off boredom and a body plateau. Have you played badminton lately?

Stay Active, Keep Moving and
Enjoy Your Food 

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