Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Workouts

It's cold outside - or the Southern California version of cold! You could move your workout indoors but if you brave the chilly conditions, you can boost your workout results.

You'll ramp up your metabolism the minute you step outside. When you exercise in cool conditions, you increase the amount of calories you burn. Chilly temps trigger something called non-shivering thermogenesis. This means your body isn't so cold it's shivering, but behind the scenes it's stoking your metabolism to keep you warm.

You'll get a "nature" boost. People who exercised outdoors reported less anxiety and more happiness than those who exercised indoors. Just looking at nature can raise your self-esteem and mood. Actually moving through the outdoors by walking, running or hiking, takes the feel-good benefits to another level.

Increase your VO2max and running speed. VO2max is a measurement of how fit you are. For most exercise situations, cold is safer and more accommodating than summer heat to work harder and longer. Use this season to push your workout to meet a specific fitness goal.

Tips for Cool Workout Comfort

Layer Up
Wear several thin layers. You'll trap and warm the air between each layer for an insulating effect. As you warm up, you can fine-tune your comfort level by peeling off layers.

Head & Hands
Any area of your body that is exposed is going to lose heat at a greater rate, so be sure to cover up. A hat and gloves can make a big difference.

Strip Quick
Post workout, remove your sweaty clothes as quickly as possible. Completely change your clothes, including undergarments. Sweat underneath your workout clothes will cause you to become cold at a much quicker rate.

With proper clothing and planning, you can rock your winter workouts this season.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and 
Enjoy Your Food

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