Friday, July 15, 2016

Unexpected Ways To Eat Less

We are all striving to keep active and clean up our diets. Vague statements like, "I should cut back." won't get us the results we are looking for. Here are four small specific changes that can help us eat less.

Distract Yourself
One study showed that people who played Tetris for three minutes found their desire to eat diminished. We tend to visualize cravings; mind-stimulating activities stop is from picturing that brownie.

Go to Sleep Earlier
Sleep-deprived people consumed an extra 549 calories per day compared with those who were well-rested. Get seven hours of sleep a night.

Choose Your Plate Carefully
When food contrasts with the color of the plate, people tend to eat less. Spaghetti in red sauce on a red plate makes it hard to determine portion size. Additionally, a smaller plate makes a moderate portion look bigger. Choose to use the salad plate for your meal instead of the dinner plate.

Turn Off the TV
Seeing commercials for food while watching TV can trigger people to snack. DVR the show and skip the commercials, choose Netflix, or open a book.

Stay Active, Keep Moving and 
Enjoy Your Food

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