Friday, July 29, 2016

The Flat Ab Secret

A couple of weeks ago, I exposed the myth that doing 100 crunches a day will practically guarantee flat abs. I noted that all the ab and core muscles need to be strengthened for a strong mid-section. But, regardless of how tight your ab muscles are, they can't erase belly fat that lies above (subcutaneous) or below them (visceral fat).

The best belly fat-melting method is Tabata intervals. You do any cardio move (running, swimming, cycling, etc) as fast as possible for 20 seconds, recover while moving slowly for 10 seconds then repeat the combo seven more times, for a total of four minutes.

Maximum effort cardio intervals like these raise your level of adrenaline which is the secret to burning fat. Higher adrenaline levels cause fat cells to release more fat more efficiently. Tabata releases more adrenaline throughout your body than typical cardio because of the high-intensity effort required. Not only do you burn more fat and calories during Tabata but your body also continues to burn more even after you finish.

To maximize the amount of belly fat you melt off, combine steady-state cardio and Tabata intervals. The steady-state segments (sustained tempo movement) insure that you burn calories and melt subcutaneous fat. The intense intervals do the same but also guarantee you'll work away at the deep stubborn visceral fat.

Complete your Tabata workout three times per week. Start with 10 minutes of moderately hard, steady-state cardio of your choice (power walk, run, bike, swim, elliptical trainer) then do a four-minute Tabata round. Complete that steady state cardio/ Tabata combo three times for a total of 42 minutes.

Your strong ab muscles will be more visible very soon!

Stay Active, Keep Moving and 
Enjoy Your Food

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