Friday, April 29, 2016

Can Exercise Make Your Skin Look Younger?

Exercise not only keeps your skin youthful but it also helps reverse aging. As you workout, your muscles release all sorts of proteins to start the domino effect of your body's response to exercise. One in particular, IL-15, stimulates the skin's power centers, or mitochondria. The pumped-up mitochondria in turn make skin cells perform better, whether they're cranking out plumping collagen or triggering the cell turnover that renews your complexion. IL-15 makes skin cells' mitochondria fitter and healthier, and that makes skin look and act younger. This priceless youth potion is free: Exercise is the only way to get it.

Scientists created a study to compare exercisers and sedentary adults. The exerciser's skin looked 25 years younger - amazing! Even better, when the scientists put the sedentary adults on a moderate exercise plan, the aging of their skin was reversed in as little as three months. They saw the deep layer of skin become firmer and the top layer being replenished with new cells more often.

Getting your heart pumping faster boosts your circulation. That means more oxygen and nutrients reach your skin cells. Each cell is improved when you exercise and you further ward off the aging process. At the same time your IL-15 is spiking, your muscles are releasing similar interleukins that stimulate the body's immune system, which in turn can reduce whole-body inflammation. That is crucial because inflammation breaks down collagen and is a key driver of aging. When your body is fighting inflammation, it cannot focus on its regular functions that keep skin strong & healthy.

Cardio exercise generates IL-15. According to the study, the specific type - running, swimming, cycling - doesn't matter and moderate intensity gets results. Don't worry about stressing your skin's elasticity with running or impact. The small amount of g-force actually stimulates repair mechanisms in your skin and triggers collagen growth. If you do your cardio outside, apply SPF 30 every two hours. Exercise can temporarily lower the skin's protective antioxidant levels. Take advantage of this free youth potion this week.

Keep Moving, Stay Active and
Enjoy Younger-Looking Skin

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