Friday, March 11, 2016

Brain-Body Benefits of Meditation

The influences of meditation stretch from head to toe, positively affecting your brain, heart and immune system, and helping with chronic pain, insomnia and depression.

Upgrade Attention - Multiple studies show that meditation improves your attention span. Even just five days of meditation practice produced results.

Improve Mood - Meditator's moods steadily improved over a three-month period.

Soothe Anxiety - An analysis of nearly 19,000 studies showed that meditation can reduce anxiety and depression.

Reduce Stress Side Effects - Meditation helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This supports a sharper memory, healthier weight and better sleep.

Slow Aging - Telomerase, the enzyme that prevents premature aging in cells, is suppressed when we are stressed. Meditation can increase telomerase activity by 30 percent.

Lower Pain - Participants reported a 40 percent decrease in pain intensity during meditation.

Boost Immunity - Meditation increases antibody levels, helping the body fight off illness and infections. 

Meditation can be a powerful ally for your mind, body and spirit. Make it part of your healthy lifestyle along with cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility practice and conscious eating. offers a free guide to meditation, taking you through the steps in a no-nonsense, non-threatening process.

Slow Down, Breathe
Center Your Spirit

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