Friday, December 4, 2015

Staying Healthy Under Pressure

The holiday season has begun. You can feel the pressure. It's the time when we have more to do and more events to add to our already stretched schedules. In the midst of all this, we also have to be thinking about our health. Because, let's face it, once our health starts to go, we've got a whole new set of crises on our hands. So here's the bigger question: How can we safeguard the energy that is so critical to our effectiveness while living in our busy culture? Here are a few survival tips for staying healthy under pressure:

1. Take three minutes in the morning for YOU. Before you turn on the electronics, light a candle, take some deep breaths, say a prayer and set your intentions for the day. Having a few moments of sanity first thing in the morning can change the way you relate to the rest of your day.

2. Make and eat a whole-foods breakfast. Try a smoothie or some oatmeal. Scramble a couple of eggs with spinach. You need fuel for your body for hours. Good nutrition will sustain your brain and body during stressful situations.

3. Take your vitamins. Your body goes through B vitamins at a faster clip when you are stressed. Your mental and physical capacity may be diminished if you are short on essential nutrients. Try a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, B-complex, vitamin D and an essential fatty-acid supplement.

4. Keep healthy snacks at work. Blood sugar crashes and carb cravings will become a thing of the past. Include protein and your brain will thank you for the extra amino acids.

5. Master a few body-weight exercises you can do anywhere. Planks, pushups, wall squats and lunges target multiple muscle groups, strengthen your core and encourage correct posture.

Prioritize Your Health This Week
Stay Active     Keep Moving!

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