Thursday, November 12, 2015

Step Up Your Routine

Want to boost the intensity of your exercise? Try adding some stairs to your weekly workouts. When you run on a flat surface, your glutes are basically taking a nap. When you have to climb, those glutes fire up. That's why running up stairs can burn up to 953 calories per hour.

Stairs are unique because the flat landing spot of each step causes you to strike with your mid-foot rather than the ball of your foot. You use your whole leg, not just your calf, to push off. Striking every step requires quick muscle activation, which can make you speedier on your runs. In addition, if you take two steps at a time, your muscles are contracted over a wider range. This requires more power, which can improve your endurance.

Since the steps are tougher, you don't need to dedicate a lot of time. Women who walked up & down stairs for 10 minutes a day five days a week improved their cardiovascular health by 17% within two months. A 20 minute session at this intensity will give you a complete workout.

Here is a simple plan.  Incorporate both sprints up the stairs and climbing two steps at a time. I also like to include a crossover step, moving up the stairs sideways. Make sure you change the lead leg with the crossover step. Do some incline pushups and plank walks on the bottom two steps. Turn around and do tricep dips. Finish with some abs to complete your workout. Of course, I have more ways to mix it up and make it fun but you will have to connect with me in person for that!

Take the Stairs this Week
Stay Active & Enjoy Your Food

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