Friday, October 23, 2015

Trick or Treat Temptations

Don't eat the whole treat, just go for your favorite part. For example, if you love the tops of cupcakes best, eat just them; there's no rule saying you must also eat the base of the cupcake. It's not a free ride -- you're still consuming calories and fat -- but you're slimming down your totals with the smaller portion.

Get rid of additional servings of Halloween candies. It's not budget-conscious, but it is belly-conscious. For example, if you love mellowcrème pumpkins but can't find them in a single-serving pack, set aside your allotted amount, then sit and nibble at each one, slowly, attentively. Then toss what remains.

Chew gum. Sugarless gum gives your mouth a burst of sweet sensation for very few calories. Studies have shown that gum chewing satisfies a sweet tooth, overcomes the urge to eat candy, and helps manage hunger pangs to hold you over until your next meal.

Sip on a low-calorie beverage. Keep your hands and mouth busy by drinking a zero-calorie cup of hot tea or glass of sparkling water. Light hot chocolate can satisfy your sweet tooth for fewer calories than most fun-size chocolate bars.

Clear candy out of the house when the calendar says November. Give it away to some deserving teenager or throw it away.

Enjoy a Candy, just not the Whole Bag

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