Friday, October 16, 2015

Is Texting Harming Your Health?

The average person sends or receives 50 texts daily. That doesn't account for the rest of the time we spend on our phones - talking, surfing the Web or using apps. All that fiddling with our phones can have a negative effect on our bodies.

Breathing Issues
Forward-leaning posture can impede breathing. Dropping the head and rounding the shoulders makes taking full, deep breaths harder. The position decreases our heart's and lung's ability to function effectively. In addition, researchers have found that individuals hold their breath or breath shallowly while texting.
Take a break now and then to breath slowly and deeply. Get up and stretch. Set a timer if you need to.

Aching Neck and Sore Back
Texting's habitual head-down posture can put dangerous pressure on the spine. An adult head weighs 10-12 pounds and, as we tilt it forward, it exerts up to 60 pounds of pressure at a 60-degree angle.
Raise your phone so your ears are directly above your shoulders.

Texting Thumb
Gripping and holding a cell phone can constrict our flexor tendons. Because our thumbs do not have the dexterity of our other fingers, excess texting can result in pain. The pain is usually on the outside of your thumb around the wrist. You may also suffer from a decrease in grip strength.
Use your phone's voice recognition feature rather than manually texting. Try using other fingers.

Text Claw
Because texting requires fine-motor activity, it may lead to "text claw". This is habitual clenching that can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.
Regularly stretch and move hands through their full range of motion. 

Be Aware of Your Body While Texting Today
And remember, never text while driving

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