Friday, July 31, 2015

Jogging with a Stroller

As moms, sometimes we struggle to fit in our workouts. Jogging strollers are a great way to keep your little one entertained and get some exercise at the same time. Pushing 25 or so pounds of stroller plus the weight of your child will, of course, slow you down - by about 30 seconds per mile. But pushing the stroller will burn more calories while you run.  Then, when you do run solo, it will feel so much easier.

Be aware of your form.

*Don't hunch over the handlebar, and alternate your right hand and left hands so your other arm can maintain a pumping motion. 
*If you have a double-wide stroller, you'll probably need to keep both hands on the stroller for better control. Similarly, if you're going up or down a significant hill, hold on tight with both hands with the wrist strap secure around one. But in flat areas where you can really go, it's a good idea to alternate hands.
*Make sure you are not leaning into the stroller, especially near the end of a run when you are tired. Rather, stay upright and keep your elbows bent.

Jog with other moms for accountability and fun. 

Connect with a friend from playgroup, from the gym or church and meet up for runs. Working out with a friend guarantees a more consistent exercise schedule and is more fun! Fleet Feet, a running store in Burbank, sponsors a stroller jogging group on Thursday mornings. Click for more information.

Keep safety in mind when out with your jogger.

*The safest strollers have a wrist strap that's connected to the handlebar. Use it. Also, many jogging strollers have a lever that you can flip to lock the back wheels. The stroller will move down the slightest hills if the wheels aren't locked. Don't risk it.
*Remember, you're responsible for two people when you're running with a stroller. Be paranoid about whether the route is safe, if the weather is too extreme, if it's too dark, or any number of other factors. Never let your guard down.

Keep Jogging, Stay Active and Enjoy Your Little One

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