Friday, May 29, 2015

Travel Workouts

It's June and many of us are planning summer trips. We have worked hard all year to maintain our fitness. We don't want to see all that hard work slip away after only a few short weeks of travel. How can we fit exercise into our travel time?

It is easy to be active if you are camping. It can be relaxing to join family or friends on a hike to explore your area or stroll on the beach. Often, people bring bikes to pedal around the campground or on trails nearby. Kayaking, swimming and boating are all ways to get your body moving.

Road trips and sightseeing can be lots of fun. But riding in the car for hours can be tough for lots of people - big and small. Use rest stops as active time. Frisbees, jump ropes and balls of all types can be energy burners for adults and kids alike. Use a low wall for step-ups or power walk the perimeter of the rest stop. Stretch calves & hamstrings on the low wall. When sightseeing, take the stairs when possible. Walk instead of using the tram. Park at the far end of the parking lot before entering the attraction.

Resorts often offer a fitness club and even classes for their guests. Use this opportunity to try a new class or use equipment you are not familiar with. Challenge your body in new ways. I always put on my exercise clothes and get my workout in first. If I don't, I will end up laying by the pool the entire day!

Sometimes you are stuck squeezing a workout in between long drives or family events. Don't despair - you can do a power hotel workout. Even if the hotel does not have a fitness room, you can energize yourself for the day and loosen up stiff muscles. All you need is 20 minutes. Start with a slow jog around the hotel. Then move indoors and power up the stairs until you are breathless. You may have to go up and down a couple of times. Try to run up quietly out of respect for hotel guests. Bonus! - you will use more core muscles. Stop at the bottom, put your hands on the lowest step and do as many push ups as you can. Turn around and do tricep dips. Now turn sideways and put one foot on the lowest step for squats. Turn the other direction and repeat. Go back to the room, lay out a towel and power out cycles. Finish with stretches - don't leave them out. Remember the long hours you will be sitting?!

Have Fun Traveling This Summer. Stay Active and Enjoy your Food

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