Friday, April 24, 2015

Talk Yourself Out of Temptation

Just because that bag of chips is calling your name doesn't mean you have to answer. Ramp up your willpower with a couple of creative strategies to talk yourself out of temptation.

It's a special occasion. - Special doesn't mean stuffed.   

Don't pass up your own birthday cake! But you don't need a ginormous slice - or two. 
The satisfaction you get from any one food often drops off with every bite. Research shows that small portions can be as satisfying as large portions. So if the situation merits a calorie-packed treat, try eating just a few forkfuls, and give them your full attention. Focusing on what you're eating helps you consume fewer calories.

I've been really good lately. - I've been feeling really good lately, and I want to keep it that way.  

When you use food as a prize, you risk sabotaging your motivation by signaling to yourself that you've reached the end point. This can invite you to return to unhealthy behaviors.
Rather than rewarding yourself for a job well done, focus on how eating healthfully has already paid off. Do you have more energy? Do your clothes fit better? Then take a moment to let the emotions that come with that benefit sink in. The same way you can get addicted to the endorphins your body releases when you work up a sweat, you can get hooked on the feeling of pride or progress, which makes you want to continue down a healthy path.

I'll work it off later - I'll work out now and treat myself later.

It's easier to eat well when you're feeling successful and seeing results than it is when you're trying to compensate for a transgression. 
Get that workout in and see if you still want the treat afterwards. Studies show that women had less of an appetite after exercise, which may lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. In a separate study, a 15-minute stroll cut chocolate consumption almost in half. 

Use these self-talk tips for success this week.  
Enjoy Your Food and Keep Moving!

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