Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fabulous Workout Clothes Can Lead to a Fabulous Workout

Getting into amazing activewear can launch you into exercise mode. According to Karen Pine, author of Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion, clothing primes the brain to expect the forthcoming activity. Just putting on your spandex and sneakers can be all you need to conquer the excuses.

More great news! Your workout wardrobe can do more than just motivate - it can physically lead you to be more aware of your body. Joshua Davis of the NeuroLeadership Institute says, "Formfitting workout clothes make you feel like your muscles are stronger."

That means what you wear to the gym can actually affect your performance. If you're in clothing you associate with running fast or lifting heavier weights, your brain signals you to embody those qualities, giving you a psychological push to work a little harder. Run-specific styles will make your jog feel easier. Yoga fashions will encourage more fluid movements. Zumba outfits will encourage you hit that routine harder. We internalize the characteristics associated with our attire.

Ladies, now we have another reason to buy more cute workout wear. Enjoy shopping, enjoy moving and feel powerful!

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