Friday, February 20, 2015

Ouch! I Have Shin Splints!

Have you ever felt pain on the front of your lower leg in your shin? Shin splints can be caused by overuse or by excessive pronation. If you feel pain on the outside of your shin, it is often because you have added mileage in your walking or running program, or are running faster or perhaps more frequently. If you feel pain on the inside of your shin, it might be because of flat feet or excessive pronation of your feet.

In the case of pronation, try arch-support inserts in your shoes. Stabilizing the arches may help lessen stress on your shins. Even runners with high arches may feel relief with orthodic inserts.

If your shin splints are caused by overuse, as soon as you feel achiness, cut back on weekly mileage or do non-impact exercises. Less pounding equals quicker healing. Use this time of resting your shins to focus on another skill such as swimming or fine-tuning your pushups. Try massaging your shins after exercise and then ice to reduce inflammation.

Stretching your calves will benefit your shins no matter what the pain is caused by. Lie on your back. Lift one leg and wrap a towel or band on the ball of your foot. Pull the toes down for 15 - 20 seconds. Switch legs. Repeat 3 more times. You can also stretch your calves sitting with legs straight in front of you. Wrap the towel around the balls of the feet and pull toes toward your chest.

If you don't see improvement, consult a physician.

Enjoy moving your body this week!

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