Saturday, January 24, 2015

TRX Training

Woo Hoo! I was certified as a TRX instructor last Sunday. I am very excited about using this equipment in my workout studio. Suspension Training is the next big evolution in functional performance training. The TRX suspension system works the body with an integrated approach of strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Movement patterns fundamental to most human activities can be recreated, loaded and trained through repetition on the TRX to enhance execution on the playing field and in life.
Suspension training enables exercise in three planes of movement simultaneously. The human body naturally moves freely through space in multiple directions. TRX training enhances the ability to move with equal effectiveness in any direction and reduces the risk of joint dysfunction, injury and decreasing range of motion.
TRX training is done primarily in a standing position. This requires the exerciser to maintain core engagement and postural alignment. Movements are big, multi-joint exercises that enhance the nervous system's ability to effectively coordinate movement and build strong motor patterns.
A strong core is the centerpiece of all efficient and powerful movements. "All core, all the time" means that this power center is involved as a stabilizer, force enabler, or as the prime mover in virtually every TRX exercise.

My two TRX training systems will arrive shortly and I look forward to using them with all my clients. The strongest athlete and the freshest newbie can all benefit from this amazing tool.

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