Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keeping Your Resolutions for 2015

Bally's Gym recently completed a study showing that people who kept their new year's resolutions until February 18th were successful for the rest of the year. These exercisers were creating a habit. Once the workouts or eating style became part of their daily routine, it was easy to maintain the new changes. Keep that February 18th goal in mind, push on for 4 more weeks!

Another way to see success in 2015 is to make your resolutions SMART. Tailor your goals to create an effective plan.
S - specific - What exactly do you want to achieve? Instead of "I want to improve my health", be specific, such as "I will improve my health by drinking water instead of soda."
M - measurable - How will you evaluate if your goal is met? This could be a weight-loss measurement or lower cholesterol reading.
A - achievable - Your goals should be challenging but within your ability to achieve. For example, if you want to workout six days a week, begin with a goal of exercising 2 days per week.
R - relevant - How does your goal fit within your objectives? Is this something important to you? Make sure your resolution is not someone else's goal for you.
T - time-bound - Set one or more target dates to guide your goal to successful completion. Set smaller goals as you work toward the overall resolution. For example, set a goal of completing 5 one-mile hikes in one month to reach the overall goal of a 5 mile hike at the end of six months of hiking.

Make sure your resolution is SMART and maintain those goals until February 18th to see success this year.

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