Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Workouts To Go

Holidays often mean traveling. Traveling often means airports and long car rides, gluttony and immobility. Taking time out every day to get in some intentional exercise can help keep you sane (or at least semi-sane). Plan ahead and take exercise clothes to account for the weather of your destination.

Create a routine - With the freedom of a relaxed schedule, it's easier to think that you'll work out "in a while". Try putting on your exercise clothes when you first get up and go out to explore whatever area you are in. Maybe getting in an after-dinner jog sounds better. Whatever you choose, stick with your travel routine.

Exercise is time for you - It's great to connect with family & friends but all that togetherness can be overwhelming at times. Your exercise routine can be the calm time in the day that you need to decompress and pump up some feel-good endorphins.

Figure out some no-equipment strength moves - Find a park bench for pushups and tricep dips. Try walking lunges and wall sits. Crunches are an easy addition to your routine. Plan ahead. Pack bands or a balance disc. They take up little room and can add intensity to your travel workout. (You probably don't want to bring the huge dumbbells like in the photo above.)

In a hotel, you can use the exercise room, of course, but also think outside the box. The stairs offer a great cardio workout (watch out for housekeeping staff). Try incline pushups, tricep dips and staggered squats on the stairs. Finish with some cycles and you are done!

Enjoy time away. Enjoy time with family & friends. And Keep Moving!

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