Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Workouts

What better way to stay healthy during the holidays than challenging yourself with 12 Days of Christmas Workouts. The plan is this: Choose 12 activities for the 12 days before Christmas. Take your current workout schedule and mix it up a bit. Make it FUN, include friends & family and enjoy the physical exercise. Begin on Saturday, December 13th and complete your twelve-day workout on Wednesday, December 24th.

Here are some ideas:

 *Hike with a friend in Stough Canyon or Wildwood Canyon
 *Ice skate at City Hall or Pickwick
 *Take an evening walk to see Christmas lights
 *Try a different class at your gym or try a new piece of equipment
 *Swim at Verdugo Pool (it is heated)
 *Do 12 push ups, 12 burpees and jump rope for 12 minutes
 *Play an outdoor game: basketball, soccer, bocce ball, just get moving!
 *Go horseback riding near the Equestrian Center
 *Do the workout circuit at Johnny Carson Park
 *Play golf at DeBell Golf Course. Try the 9-hole course, if you are short on time.
 *Jog & sprint the track at Burbank or Burroughs high school
 *Play tennis at Brace Park tennis courts
 *Run the bleachers at one of the high schools or parks. Add pushups & tricep dips.
 *Walk the dog at Brand Park. Try the hills behind the park.
 *Jog 12 blocks, run 1 block, repeat
 *I will do a Christmas Step class at the YMCA on Friday, December 19th. Join us!
 *Roller skate at Moonlight Rollerway on San Fernando Blvd in Glendale
 *Do yoga at Golden Road Brewery on Saturday from 9 - 11am
 *Play Frisbee Golf at DeBell 9-hole golf course
 *Join my YMCA class on Thursday, December 18 for our 30 minute 12 Days of Christmas Workout. I might even sing!
 *Walk, jog, roller blade or bike on Chandler Bike Path. Go all the way from the beginning by Toys R Us to the end in North Hollywood and back for almost 6 miles.

You get the idea. Create your own personalized 12 Day Challenge. Don't overwhelm yourself by adding too many new things. This is not the season for that! Enjoy moving and celebrating life this Christmas season.

When you decide on your 12 Days of Christmas Workouts, share your plan in the COMMENTS below and afterwards let us know how it went. I would love to hear your creative ideas.

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