Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Eat Fewer Cookies Without Even Trying

Researchers have noticed that "it's easier to change your eating environment than to change your mind". In other words, it's not you or your willpower. You can arrange your surroundings in a way that encourages you to eat less and eat healthier.

In a post-party experiment, researchers covered half of the leftover food with clear plastic wrap and half they covered with foil. Within two days, all the leftovers in see-through wrappings were gone, while most of the food in opaque wrappings were still there <10 days later. The good news is this works as well for carrot sticks as it does for cookies. If you can easily see them, you'll eat more of them. So the healthier a food is, the clearer the packaging should be.

Think ahead to Thanksgiving. Choose to arrange healthy appetizers in easy-to-see places. You can still choose a treat or two (I love Brie!) but make healthy choices accessible. Prepare a few low-fat, high fiber side dishes to accompany the traditional dishes. Make it easy to choose well.

Think ahead to post-Thanksgiving leftovers. Do you want second helpings of green bean casserole and pecan pie? Perhaps one serving on the special day is enough. Dispose of leftovers, give them away or freeze them to have at a balanced meal later in the month. If you can't see it, it will be less tempting.

Display the good stuff, hide the "bad" stuff and enjoy success this Thanksgiving while you Enjoy Your Food!

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