Friday, November 28, 2014

Do I Need New Workout Shoes?

How often you replace your workout shoes depends on your body, activities and shoe type. As a general rule, shoes should be replaced every six months if you wear them four or more times per week. Larger people should replace their shoes more frequently, as should people who sprint or do high-impact cross-training. Lighter shoes may wear down faster.

To prolong the life of your shoes, keep multiple pairs in your closet, each for a different terrain or activity. Don't take walks in your running shoes or lift weights in your trail-runners. Switching shoes this way may also help guard against overuse injury.

Pay attention to how your shoes feel when you put them on. "When your shoes start feeling 'flat''s time for a new pair." says podiatrist and distance runner Jamie Mieras. Make sure to get fitted with a shoe that is correct for you. Different brands run narrow or wide. Some have more cushioning in the heel or the ball of the foot. You may need a specialty insert to customize the shoe for your foot. A comfortable shoe is essential to motivate consistent workouts. You won't get out there if your feet hurt!

Choose a specialty running shoe store. The staff will custom-fit you according to the activity you enjoy and frequency of your workout. They will take into account any pain or fit issues you've had in the past and will choose some styles for you to try on. The staffer will watch you walk, run or jump and help you decide on the right shoe for you.

Give yourself a healthy gift this Christmas or ask Santa to put a new pair of workout shoes under the tree this year!

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