Sunday, October 19, 2014

Boot Camp Bounce

Great fun and exercise last Saturday at Fall Boot Camp!

This week at Fall Boot Camp I added a rebounder mini-trampoline to the circuit. Participants bounced, or rebounded, during the first circuit section. Then I tilited the trampoline up sideways and we used it as a total body cardio/strength tool by twisting and throwing a medicine ball against the flat surface. By using different equipment and movements each week, we "confuse" the muscles causing them to work harder, burn more calories and develop faster.

Check out my blog from April 18th on rebounding. Urban rebounding is a unique way of jumping on a mini-trampoline. It is a fabulous workout that can add high intensity to your exercise program without high impact. In addition, this form of exercise can stimulate the lymph system and challenge your core strength as you balance on the trampoline.

Next Saturday we will rebound again and add unique strength moves with the jump box. Join us next week for the second session of the two-week Fall Boot Camp.

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