Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to School Boot Camp Success

Today we concluded the first-ever Priority Fitness Burbank two-week Boot Camp mini-session. The Back to School Boot Camp was an amazing success. The participants worked hard to burn calories, gain strength and they had fun. Each week I offered different cardio circuit options for fun and intensity. We did one Tabata HIIT section every time to get our bodies working at their highest intensity. We did some individual strength exercises focusing on form. We did some partner strength training for fun and variety.  We even got to try some really effective TRX exercises.

Plan to attend the Fall Shape Up Boot Camp mini-session October 11 and 18 at 8:30am. This can be the booster you need to continue the exercise schedule you started this school year. The class will be limited to 8 participants to allow for individual attention to form and modifications for all levels.

Looking ahead, I plan to offer a Prepare for the Holidays Boot Camp mini-session November 8 and 15. Get motivated to maintain your weight and stay in shape during the holiday season this year.

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