Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Boot Camp Coming Soon!

Moms, this is your chance to make time for yourself and prioritize your health. Ask Dad to take the kids to soccer this time or carpool with another mom - she can drop off, you can pick up. There will never be a time when the kids will not have some activity. Make a plan and join us! It's fun when you work out with friends.

The first Boot Camp was so amazing that I have chosen to offer another Boot Camp mini-session in October. I mentioned it in my blog a couple of weeks ago and was confused on dates so please note the date change below. We will meet earlier this time and it will be cooler for our workout. I am looking forward to working with returning students and welcoming new participants.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Brain-boosting Benefits of Exercise

We all know that exercise improves our cardio-vascular efficiency and our muscle tone. But does it improve brain function, too?

A recent study suggests that exercise can re-wire the brain and train it to ward off the effects of stress. In the May 10th blog, I wrote in more detail about this benefit. Here I will remind you that regular exercise provides an instant release from stress. In addition, Princeton researchers recently found that stress-related activation of neurons in the hippocampus actually disappeared after the subject ran when they wanted to during the six week study. The brain was conditioned so that it did not produce the stress response. Sounds like just what we need to deal with LA traffic!

Exercise has been shown to make us smart. Working out increases production of a brain chemical that multiplies the connection between brain cells. This communication in the brain is what increases intelligence. Work up a sweat and stimulate those synapses.

A recently discovered substance, irisin, is produced by muscles during exercise. This component fights obesity by burning calories throughout the body. It may also slow aging of individual cells. An additional study showed that exercise reduced brain deterioration by 50% in 300 senior adults. Slowing aging and brain deterioration can help ward off strokes, a major contributor to dementia.

Regular exercise at a moderately vigorous intensity can reduce stress, improve intelligence and slow brain aging. Maybe I won't have to do those Sudoku puzzles anymore!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to School Boot Camp Success

Today we concluded the first-ever Priority Fitness Burbank two-week Boot Camp mini-session. The Back to School Boot Camp was an amazing success. The participants worked hard to burn calories, gain strength and they had fun. Each week I offered different cardio circuit options for fun and intensity. We did one Tabata HIIT section every time to get our bodies working at their highest intensity. We did some individual strength exercises focusing on form. We did some partner strength training for fun and variety.  We even got to try some really effective TRX exercises.

Plan to attend the Fall Shape Up Boot Camp mini-session October 11 and 18 at 8:30am. This can be the booster you need to continue the exercise schedule you started this school year. The class will be limited to 8 participants to allow for individual attention to form and modifications for all levels.

Looking ahead, I plan to offer a Prepare for the Holidays Boot Camp mini-session November 8 and 15. Get motivated to maintain your weight and stay in shape during the holiday season this year.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Effective Training in Less Time

We all seem to be chronically short on time. Recent studies have shown that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is twice as effective as sustained moderate intensity workouts. With HIIT, you can get an effective cardio workout in less time. For example, you can choose to do 20 minutes of HIIT instead of 60 minutes of jogging. That is good news for the time-challenged. Be aware, these studies have been done with young, healthy populations. More studies are needed before the format can be recommended for all populations.

HIIT means working very hard for a few minutes with rest periods between sets. You should be a little out of breath after each interval. For example, you might sprint for 1 minute and jog for 2 minutes, then repeat. Or you might do squat jumps for 20 seconds and move side to side for 10 seconds, then repeat.

When compared with a jogging exercise routine, those doing interval training have doubled their endurance, improved their oxygen use and strength by more than 10% and their speed by at least 5%. Intense bursts of activity are precisely what the body needs to build stronger muscles. These intensity intervals help the body to convert one type of muscle fiber to another type that uses oxygen more efficiently and is capable of exercising longer. HIIT creates a higher metabolism that can last for several hours afterward. The body will continue to burn fat and calories during this time.

You have the opportunity to try some High Intensity Interval Training at the Back to School Boot Camp. The group had a great time this week exercising with partners and moving through the circuit. Join us next week or look for new Boot Camp dates in October and November.

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