Friday, August 8, 2014

Diet Soda Sugar Shocker

Sugar is fast overtaking fat as a threat to your heart according to new research in JAMA Internal Medicine. In the study, people who got 10 to 24% of their calories from added sugar were 30% more likely to die from cardio-vascular disease than those who consumed less. Many of us consume this added sugar in the form of soda & sugary drinks. Sugar may increase inflammation as well as raising blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Added sugar can lead to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Yikes! So you should reach for that diet soda, right? Nope. Diet soda drinkers face many of the same health challenges as sugar drinkers in addition to a host of other dangers. Not only that, diet soda has been shown to cause weight gain.

An American Journal of Public Health study shows that people who sipped diet beverages consumed, on average, 91 more calories per day than those who didn't. This may be because artificial sweeteners can alter the brain's sweet sensors, making them a less reliable gauge of energy consumption. Artificial sugar may interfere with the body's natural ability to estimate calories based on how sweet a food is. Diet drinkers may feel less full and end up eating more food. Altering the brain's perception of sugar may increase a person's appetite for sugars causing additional consumption of sweets.

What are options for satisfying soda substitutes?

* Flavor water with lemon, mint or a splash of 100% fruit juice

* Carbonated water, flavored or unflavored, unsweetened.

* Unsweetened hot or iced tea. Try brewed green tea for added health benefits.

* Coffee - acquire a taste for unsweetened coffee. Avoid sugary coffee drinks.

An occasional frappuccino or real sugar soda is a fun, sweet treat. As a regular practice, make unsweetened drinks your primary beverages. Stay hydrated and Enjoy your Food!

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