Thursday, July 24, 2014

Truths About Strength Training & Abs

At one time or another most of us wonder how to get amazing-looking abs. Here are a few truths that can help fine tune your strength training routine and give you the tools to make progress toward the abs we want to see.

Truth # 1
You can't reshape the formation of your abs.
If you have uneven rows of abdominals, this is what you will have all your life. No amount of exercise changes ab formation.

Truth # 2
You cannot build showy abs (abs that have clearly defined rows of chunky muscle) by performing a truckload of ab exercises.
Exercise, especially cardio is good, but to get abs that show, you need to eat clean. No junk food. If you try to get abs from exercise alone, you are doomed to fail.

Truth # 3 
Waist size is governed by the width of your rib cage and hip bones.
Even if you remove all the fat from your mid-section you will not obtain a wasp-like waist if your skeletal structure is such that it dictates otherwise, You can improve your abs, however, with a healthy combination of exercise and diet.

Truth #4
An overweight, pear-shaped woman who desires to make big advances in her physique must use weight training in addition to cardio.
To exercise only with cardio will merely reduce overall body weight. She will end up with a smaller version of a pear-shaped body. Weight training will do the shaping.

Few of us are totally happy with the cards that Mother Nature has dealt us. But we all do the best with what we have. You can make amazing changes in your body with the proper use of weights, cardio and clean eating. Keep up the good work!

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