Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun Tools for Functional Fitness

Three weeks ago, I introduced information about functional fitness. This type of workout uses more complex, integrated body movements involving coordination, balance and brainpower to complete the exercise. I discussed some of the advantages of this workout style two weeks ago. Today, I want to share a few fun workout tools that might be used in functional fitness.

Many functional moves are performed on an unstable surface. One example of this is a stability ball, also called a Swiss Ball, a physio ball, or an exercise ball. Lying prone, supine or laterally on the ball causes the core to engage in each movement and recruits multiple muscles with each exercise.

The Bosu is another tool that creates an unstable surface. Squatting, lunging, sitting or standing on the rounded top adds challenge to each move. The Bosu can be combined with handle bands or Pilates Balls to recruit coordination as well.

Plyo Boxes vary in height and are typically used for plyometric and jumping moves. I have a bright green plyo box in my workout studio and will use it as part of the Back To School Bootcamp in September for killer cardio moves.

Kettlebells are more unstable than a dumbbells because all of the weight is below the handle. This means you have to use more balancing muscles to control the movement.
I'm looking forward to using these tools and more to help you get a killer workout in a shorter amount of time while improving balance & coordination and challenging all the large muscle groups . 

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