Thursday, June 12, 2014

Advantages of Functional Traning

Last week, I introduced information about functional fitness, the hottest new exercise trend in 2014. This type of workout uses more complex, integrated body movements involving coordination, balance and brainpower to complete the exercise.

One advantage of functional fitness is that you can work every muscle in a shorter amount of time. We are all in a hurry and looking for an efficient workout that hits every area of the body. Each functional exercise targets multiple muscle groups and requires them to act as stabilizers or prime movers, in their turn, throughout the move.

A functional workout improves balance and coordination. Improved balance will enhance sports performance, such as water-skiing on the weekends, as well as everyday function, such as leaning over a wall to pick up your child's lost ball. Coordination also improves sports performance, such as kicking the soccer ball with your kids, and helps prevent those crazy accidents involving spilled coffee.

Another advantage of functional fitness is that you can do it anywhere: at home, in the park, or in a small workout studio. Expensive, space-hogging machines are not required to get an amazing workout that challenges your cardio fitness and muscle strength.

Finally, functional fitness is a brain & body exercise. Instead of sitting passively on a machine, you must understand the exercise, be aware of the body part it is focusing on, pay attention to form and connect with the muscle pattern. Your brain is engaged and working the entire time you are exercising. This is a wonderful break from thinking about home and work issues and it stimulates the synapses in your brain to extend and grow on new pathways.

Functional fitness is an amazing way to get the workout you need to challenge your body.

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