Friday, May 2, 2014

Your Body's Reaction to Soda

Minutes after you take your first sip, your body goes into a sugar-induced upward - and the downward - spiral. Here's what happens:
10 minutes
A 12 - ounce can of soda delivers about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Normally you'd gag on such intense sweetness, but phosphoric acid mellows the sugary flavor.

20 minutes
Your blood sugar spikes. The liver reacts to the glucose in your bloodstream, storing as much as it can, but it's soon at capacity and most of the sugar is converted into fat.

30 minutes
Caffeine begins to effect you. Your pupils dilate. Your heart and respiratory rates increase. Your blood pressure rises, causing your liver to release even more sugar into the bloodstream. If your tired, you won't feel it. Caffeine blocks the brain's enosine receptors.

40 minutes
Dopamine levels rise abnormally, turning on the pleasure centers in your brain and creating a revved-up "high" similar to the one produced by amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin.

50 minutes
The diuretic properties of caffeine make you visit the restroom. The phosphoric acid in the soda binds to calcium, magnesium, and zinc in your body. These nutrients are flushed away, too.

60 minutes
A sugar crash hits you - hard. You're left feeling cranky, sluggish, thirsty and ready for another soda, especially if it's diet. The artificial sweeteners used in diet soda affect the addiction centers in the brain.

As the weather heats up this summer, make an educated choice about what you drink. Water is a great choice. Try flavoring it with sliced cucumber, mint, lemon or lime. Iced tea can be healthy if you don't add sugar. Green tea has been linked to protection against diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It might slow the growth of cancer. I brew a gallon of green tea at a time and enjoy it all day long. I have developed such a taste for it that I crave it over most other beverages.

As always, Enjoy Your Food!

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