Friday, April 18, 2014

Advantages of Urban Rebounding

Urban rebounding is a unique way of jumping on a mini-trampoline. It is a fabulous workout that can add high intensity to your exercise program without high impact. In addition, this form of exercise can stimulate the lymph system and challenge your core strength as you balance on the trampoline.

One major advantage of rebounding is the apparent low level of trauma to the musculoskeletal system. Even so, a study performed by NASA has shown the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a rebounder trampoline than with running. Urban rebounding can burn more calories than jogging for a comparable time. You can get the heart-rate boosting benefits of a jog without all the pounding.

Another advantage is that the lymph system is stimulated. The vertical motion experienced when rebounding allows the opening and closing of the one-way valves through which lymph flows upward toward the neck. The lymphatic vessels run up and down the body, and the fluid flows toward the neck, so this up and down motion is ideal. As we bounce up, gravity is eliminated for a fraction of a second. As we land, the G-force is doubled and internal organs are put under pressure. Rebounding increases gravitational load, so every cell in the body is stressed in a good way. Research indicates that bouncing just 5 minutes on the trampoline circulates the lymph system one full cycle. The lymph helps detoxify the body, allowing for recovery and healing. Rebounding can also enhance digestion.

Urban rebounding can improve coordination and balance. Working the lower body and upper body on opposite planes stimulates neuroplasticity in the brain and results in improved coordination. The core must be engaged while bouncing, resulting in stronger muscle tone and better posture. The unstable surface of the mat challenges balance for the entire workout.

Always rebound safely. If you have an unstable knee or hip joint, use caution when rebounding. Landing on the flexible surface of the mat may cause unintended rotation and exacerbate the injury. Choose a high quality mini-trampoline with covered springs or bands. Make sure to keep the feet on the mat and not step on the springs or bands.

I teach an Urban Rebounding group exercise class at the Burbank YMCA the first Friday of every month. I hope you can join us sometime. It is an amazing workout and loads of fun.

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